"Bare" Campsite

Photo of bear tipping over garbage can


"Bare" campsite Policy in Effect

This campground has a "bare" campsite program in place.
By camping here, you are agreeing to take any garbage and food waste to the bear-proof bin located in the overflow parking lot at the front of the park, and to store ALL food and food-related items in the trunk of your vehicle or in a hard-sided trailer or RV. Tents and tent trailers are not bear-proof! Staff patrol the campground to ensure that sites are left clean and "bare".

Failure to comply with this policy will result in immediate eviction from the campground, without refund.
Camping here, you are sharing space with wildlife such as bears, coyotes, wolves and others, who depend on this environment for their survival. Anything that has an odour or could be considered food may attract wildlife. If left unattended, items such as food, garbage and scented products may attract bears and other wildlife to your site, putting both humans and wildlife at risk.

Never leave ANY of these items unattended at your campsite:

  • Food - open or closed
  • Coolers - full or empty
  • Garbage, food waste, wrappings
  • Unwashed dishes, pots, pans
  • Pet food or bowls
  • Bottles, cans
  • Scented products such as shampoo, soaps, candles, citronella, etc.
"A fed bear, is a dead bear."